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I have to two evenly sized very large vectors (columns) A and B. I would like to divide vector A by vector B. This will give me a large matrix AxB filled with zeros, except the last column. This column contains the values I'm interested in. When I simple divide the vectors in a Matlab script, I run out of memory. Probably because the matrix AxB becomes very large. Probably I can prevent this from happening by repeating the following:

  1. calculating the first row of matrix AxB

  2. filter the last value and put it into another vector C.

  3. delete the used row of matrix AxB

  4. redo step 1-4 for all rows in vector A

How can I make a loop which does this?

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What is B^-1? Are you multiplying A by the element-wise inverse of B? –  Jonas Feb 12 '13 at 17:45
Can you update your question with the code you are using to divide A by B –  slayton Feb 12 '13 at 18:59
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You're question doesn't make it clear what you are trying to do, although it sounds like you want to do an element wise division.


C = A./B
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