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I have a problem with the Android NFC protocol: I have a device with Mifare Classic, size 4K. I try to write into the block 27, with KeyB but I get always an IOException: Trasceive Failed. I try to write with writeBlock(int blockIndex, byte[] bArray) method. The authorization is True, the device is connected. The same KeyB is used to read sector 27, and this operation works properly. With the same code (with KeyA) I can write in sector 1.

In the code below I try to write into the first block of sector 27 (block 108, where 108 is the absolute index of the block).

I tried to put the code into the MainThread or in a second Thread, but nothing is changed. Any ideas???


    MyNfc.mAdapter = NfcAdapter.getDefaultAdapter(this);
    MyNfc.mPendingIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(this, 0, new Intent(this, getClass()).addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP), 0);

    // Setup an intent filter for all MIME based dispatches
    IntentFilter ndef = new IntentFilter(NfcAdapter.ACTION_TECH_DISCOVERED);

    try {
    } catch (MalformedMimeTypeException e) {
           throw new RuntimeException("fail", e);

    MyNfc.mFilters = new IntentFilter[] { ndef, };

// Setup a tech list for all NfcF tags
MyNfc.mTechLists = new String[][] { new String[] { MifareClassic.class.getName() } };


try {                                  
Tag tagFromIntent = intent.getParcelableExtra(NfcAdapter.EXTRA_TAG);
       MifareClassic mfc = MifareClassic.get(tagFromIntent);

       MyNfc.MifareID = tagFromIntent.getId();                           
MyNfc.keyB = GYMCalcoloAlg.GYMCalcoloAlgorithm(MyNfc.MifareID, MyNfc.keyB);

       boolean auth = false;

       auth = mfc.authenticateSectorWithKeyB(27,MyNfc.keyB);

       if (auth) {
              String text = "Hello, World!";
             byte[] value  = text.getBytes();
              byte[] toWrite = new byte[MifareClassic.BLOCK_SIZE];       

             for (int i=0; i<MifareClassic.BLOCK_SIZE; i++) {
                    if (i < value.length)
toWrite[i] = value[i];
toWrite[i] = 0;

              mfc.writeBlock(108, toWrite); <-- THIS OPERATION FAILED: IOException: Transceive Failed.
catch(Exception ex){
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Sadly, no ideas, i will try to replicate it tho once i get my nfc equipment back. What hardware are you using? –  K.L. Feb 13 '13 at 11:50
I'm using an LG-P880. The tag is a custom tag provided by a company... I tried this code on a Nexus S and I got the same error... –  user2065605 Feb 13 '13 at 15:36
I noticed that it is probably a problem with the access bits. I've set to 0x78, 0x77, 0x88 the 4 bytes corresponding to the access bits and now I can write on sector 27. Now the problems is that I can't connect my device anymore. Does anyone know a sequence of 3 bytes that are used to read and write only with KeyB? thank you! –  user2065605 Feb 14 '13 at 16:21
I think you have 'burned' your tag. Have you tried with a new one ? –  rosco Feb 28 '13 at 10:51
I guys, yes the tag is burned but I resolved the problem: before write the tag, I read the block 3 of my sector and then the write operation works fine! Do you know if this is the correct way to proceed? –  user2065605 Mar 6 '13 at 12:36

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