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So I am trying to set this window/ mainwindow / application in qt to always be on the bottom (like always bottom window) (so rainmeter somehow does this with their widgets), but I can't even get mac osx to do such things. I've tried the whole


but without any luck. Any hints? Example code is amazing.

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Got bad news and good news. The bad news is it's simply not implemented.

The good news is: as Qt is open source, you can crack it open and take a look to know that. And if there's a bug you can submit a fix. Here's the deal, in the generic code for QWidget::setWindowFlags in qwidget.cpp:9144 you have this:

void QWidget::setWindowFlags(Qt::WindowFlags flags)
    if (data->window_flags == flags)


    if ((data->window_flags | flags) & Qt::Window) {
        // the old type was a window and/or the new type is a window
        QPoint oldPos = pos();
        bool visible = isVisible();
        setParent(parentWidget(), flags);

        // if both types are windows or neither of them are, we restore
        // the old position
        if (!((data->window_flags ^ flags) & Qt::Window)
            && (visible || testAttribute(Qt::WA_Moved))) {
        // for backward-compatibility we change Qt::WA_QuitOnClose attribute value only when the window was recreated.
    } else {
        data->window_flags = flags;

So essentially it just sets window_flags. The mac behavior of QWidget is in qwidget_mac.mm.

And you will find no reference to Qt::WindowStaysOnBottomHint in that file. (You'll find Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint though...)

I'll stop at saying "not possible unless you either patch Qt, or otherwise go beneath Qt".

Patching qwidget_mac.mm is left as an exercise to the reader. :-)

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Sucky. But...in Qt's defense, though: I will point out that it does say "Hint". Which is a way of saying "I'd like this to be true if it could be"... – HostileFork Feb 12 '13 at 20:44
I've never been sadder to hear such 'good' news. – Ross The Boss Feb 12 '13 at 23:46

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