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I'd like to be able to log for debugging purpose from a package that could be either part of a web app or a command line application

Current I use

print('some text');

But I cannot control at runtime what is printed (DEBUG, INFO, ...) While I'm used to use java.util.logging.Logger in java, I could not find a way to use the Logger class in the logging package of dart, in either a web or command line application.

Logger logger = new Logger('test');'some text');

The simple code above compiles fine but I cannot see any ouput in either the console of Dartium or the Output pane in the DartEditor.

Has anyone successfully used it (and see some text)?

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In my Dart Bat-belt, I keep a function like this:

void printLogRecord(LogRecord r) {
  print("${r.loggerName} ${r.level} ${r.message}");

Then I'll add it to a Logger, typically the root logger:

Logger.root.level = Level.FINE;
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Looks like we should update Logger to use streams. I opened – Seth Ladd Feb 12 '13 at 22:26
I updated the example to reflect the latest syntax. – enyo Jan 25 '14 at 4:47
Thanks for this! Just thought I'd point out that if you do print("${r}"); the toString method will automatically include level, loggerName, and message. – jgrowl Feb 26 at 22:08

With the lastes m4 release this is the API that worked for me:

Logger.root.level = Level.FINEST;
Logger.root.onRecord.listen((LogRecord r) {
  window.console.log('${r.loggerName}(${r.level}): ${r.message}');
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