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I'm running the latest Firefox (18.0.2) on OS X and for a little while now, whenever I use the web console interactively with various web apps, it hangs whenever I type a command which returns a large object. The reason is that the console prints out every single line of that object. I would like to know if anyone knows how to disable this behavior and have it just print 'object' or whatever.

Small example (to illustrate things better):

  1. I type at the command line:

    var test = someBigBadassFunctionThatReturnsAHugeObject()

  2. The console (on top) prints:

    timestamp1 | < var test = someBigBadassFunctionThatReturnsAHugeObject()

  3. The console hangs for 30 seconds

  4. The console eventually prints:

    timestamp2 | < { ... } // Big object which takes 1000 lines to print

I would like for the console to instead print something like (as in Chrome and how it used to before):

timestamp2 | > Object

i.e. ">", not "<". Folded (or whatever it's called) instead of expanded.


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