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I've got a grid of images with ID's. When a user pinches on a mobile touch device I want to detect over which one of those instances the user pinches. So instead of creating 30 hammer instances for every ID that try and detect the pinch I want to detect it the other way around. I hope my question is clear.


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Do you use jQuery too? –  yckart Feb 12 '13 at 17:46

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You can use the event-object to determine the current target:

$(document).on('touchstart', function(e){
    $(e.target) // this is your element

Or if you need to test for it on touchmove, use elementFromPoint and the finger coordinates:

$(document).on('touchmove', function(e){
    $( document.elementFromPoint(e.touches[0].pageX, e.touches[0].pageY) ) // this is your element


You can use $.event.props.push("touches"); to normalize the touches.

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