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I read the first line of a couple hundred text files with Python.
This runs under a couple seconds on the first time, but it takes only milliseconds to run the second time!!
Why is that ? Is it python ? Is it the operating system (Windows 7 in my case) ?

Here is the script:

import glob
from datetime import datetime

start = datetime.now()

for summary in glob.glob(r"C:\folder\*.txt"):
    with open(summary) as f:
        line = f.readline()
        print line.rstrip().decode('utf-16')

print 'Time: ', datetime.now()-start
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That's the disk cache of the operating system.

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It's the operating system. Modern OSes use disk caches to speed up repeated reads.

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Your operating system probably cached the data from disk after the first run. Restart your computer and see how the run time compares.

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