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I have installed Plone Software Center 1.6.4 in a Plone 4.2.4 instance. In the software projects I instantiate the project logo appears in the right side-bar, but neither the 'Project Resources' nor the 'Experimental Releases' portlets appear. They are evidently visible in the PSC at plone.org. Any suggestions how I can display these portlets would be greatly appreciated.

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The portlets included in Plone Software Center are 'classic portlets'; they predate the current portlet system and are purely skin templates, really.

To include these, add a 'Classic portlet' to the Software Project type (in the site setup -> Types -> select 'Software Project' in the dropdown box -> Manage portlets assigned to this content type).

The Classic Portlet type takes two parameters, a template and a macro. The PSC portlets you are looking for use the portlet_project_resources and portlet_project_roadmap templates, in both the macro is called portlet.

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@mge: Could Martjin's answer help you further or do you need more details? –  Ida Ebkes Feb 16 '13 at 12:04

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