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Somehow managed to set up custom domain name with google app engine after lots of r&d.

from google apps cpanel,

Your users can access dom-hrd at:

I am not able to add '' to this list, and getting error, 'Already used, please remove previous mapping first'. But, this link, '' points to google sites.

Domain '' owned by; and google appengine java application, 'dom-hrd' was deployed using my gmail id.

How to make '' accessible through ''?

I have also tried renaming 'www' to 'www1' (enom > domain setting > host record > CNAME alias), and then adding 'www' through google apps page. Still, I am getting the same error, 'Already used, please remove previous mapping first'.

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You need to change the CNAME records and point the www to

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Thanks, It has already been added. CNAME record 'www' pointing to '' – Feb 12 '13 at 23:46

I did two things that fixed this issue,

  1. Delete following web address mapping '':'www', from,

    google apps > settings (tab) > services (right panel) > sites > sites settings > web address mapping

  2. Disable google sites for my google apps domain

(3. Wait for 5 to 10 mins for changes to become visible)

Now, '' is accessible and it points to ''

This post from appengine google groups was helpful fixing this issue.

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