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I have SDK 3.1 for iPhone.

I have made an application, and i want this to put on my iPod Touch.

How to? Is there a need of paying to Apple for a paid developer account? Or is there a way to NOT pay...?

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You can develop and test on the simulator without a paid account (you still need to sign up for the free developer account) but in order to install to an iPhone/iPod Touch legitimately you will need to pay the yearly developer fee and setup the device provisioning and all that fun stuff :) It may take a couple days to go through so if there is a deadline looming it's best to get this out of the way.


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Unless you have a jailbroken phone, I believe the only way to get apps on your phone is to pay for the developer account.

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i do have a jailbroken device, and i have Installous... I tried to build it, copy it trough openSSH and installed it... Trying to open, but crashes. I did not edit the info.plist, so that could be the problem. Tried even to sync it with iTunes, but said that 'it does not have a signature...' –  Deniz Zoeteman Sep 27 '09 at 17:49

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