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I have a mysql table containing latitude and longitude followed by location name etc and my program wants to load the data that only shown on the display, so it probably like this

e.g -6.880713 < latitude < -6.90176 AND 107.599411 < longitude < 107.635374

how can I load data using that condition?


damn mann! i know from couple of research i found when i execute WHERE (lat < -6.90176) it only shows up data that begins -6.9xxxxx when i search -6.8 result found 0 :D same case when i execute WHERE (lat > -6.880713) it only shows up data that begin with -6.8xxxxx and no -6.9 :D WTF i don't understand why this is happening ~~~ no wonder the data won't shows up...

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i've tried using between before but it doesn't work WHERE lat BETWEEN -6.880713 AND -6.90176. with primitive conditional when i compare different column like WHERE lat > -6.880713 AND lng < 107.635374 it shows up data. but when i compare WHERE (lat > -6.880713) AND (lat < -6.90176) it doesnt shows anything... i dont understand.... –  user1685127 Feb 13 '13 at 3:04

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This should also work:

WHERE latitude BETWEEN -6.880713 AND -6.90176 AND longitude BETWEEN 107.599411 AND 107.635374

BETWEEN is inclusive, though.

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You can't use "math style" inequalities in MySQL. You will have to do something like:

-6.880713 < latitude AND latitude < -6.90176 AND
    107.599411 < longitude AND longitude < 107.635374

-6.880713 < latitude < -6.90176 gets treated as (-6.880713 < latitude) < -6.90176, where (-6.880713 < latitude) will be a 1 or a 0.

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WHERE latitude > -6.880713 AND latitude < -6.90176 AND longitude > 107.599411 AND longitude < 107.635374
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