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First off, let me start off with the tables I am using. They look something like this:

Table - Transaction

Table - Checkpoint

A transaction can have multiple checkpoints, and a checkpoint can have only one transaction.

I am having trouble forming a SQL statement that will select the trans_id of all of the transactions of some name that does NOT contain some string in checkpoint_data in any of its associated checkpoints.

What would this SQL statement look like? I am using Oracle, but any SQL should point me in the right direction

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select trans_id
from transactions t
left outer join checkpoint c on c.trans_id = t.trans_id
where t.name = 'transaction name'
group by t.trans_id
having sum(case when contains(checkpoint_data, 'some string') > 0 
                then 1 
                else 0 
           end) = 0
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+1 . . .You could possibly add the where name = SOMENAME condition also mentioned in the question. –  Gordon Linoff Feb 12 '13 at 18:51
@GordonLinoff: Thanks. Totally forgot that. –  juergen d Feb 12 '13 at 18:52
Select distinct(ch.trans_id) from checkpoint ch join transaction t on ch.trans_id=t.trans_id and t.name like '%test%'  and ch.chech_point not like '%exclude%'
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