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I've been cutting and pasting some code snippets from an Amazon Kindle eBook into a text editor (JetBrains PhpStorm), and apparently each time it comes with some extended (>127) ASCII characters.

Is there simple cmd line sed/awk/tr command, or a simple OSX App to strip them out?

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Why is this considered off topic? stackoverflow.com/faq says questions may include "software tools commonly used by programmers". The question also adresses "a specific programming problem". Extended ASCII characters cause parsing problems in many IDEs/editors, diff/merge tools, and compilers/interpreters/browsers. This is a very real and specific problem+solution that affects programmers of all types. – jpeskin Feb 13 '13 at 19:58
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Thanks to this blog post, here is a solution that worked well for me:

tr -cd '\11\12\15\40-\176' < infile > outfile

Note that if you get this error: tr: Illegal byte sequence, this can be solved by setting LANG=C via:

export LANG=C

(not sure why setting LANG=C helps, but that's what others with the same problem were doing)

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Plain Clip has always been my go-to OS X app for stripping out unwanted characters/whitespace/etc.

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