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I am working with mvc4 and displaying data from my model in to cshtml views.

When setting data in to the markup, I adding it in to div tags.

Is there a way in mvc that if the model property is not set, dont display the div?

Sample of my markup

<div class="myclass"> @Model.Text </div>
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You can test for a value being set like so:

@if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.Text)) 
    <div class="myclass"> @Model.Text </div>

Update: If you want to incorporate the logic for whether or not to render an element based on its value, you could create a Custom HTML Helper method.

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Thanks for this but anyway not to use the if statement - dont want to bloat my code with such. Any html helper or similar available to do this? – amateur Feb 12 '13 at 23:34

How about wrapping it in a null check

  if (@Model.Text != null)
     <div class="myclass"> @Model.Text </div>
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