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Is it possible to skip all tests from a specific class like in NUnit

public class TestClass {
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No - there is no such facility at present,

One quick way of achieving the effect in xUnit is to comment out the public - private classes are not reflected over (obviously it won't appear on the skip list that way though).

Consider logging it as an Issue on CodePlex if you feel the need for this is sufficiently common (I personally can't imagine upvoting it as I simply don't run into cases where I need to skip an entire Test Class worth of tests).

UPDATE: Another way is to put a TraitAttribute on the class and then (assuming you're using the xunit.console runner) filter it out by running with /-trait traitName. (e.g. you can achieve ExplicitAttribute, some aspects of the BDD frameworky technique of Pending tests and similar semantics that way - of course the big problem is they don't show up in any reports when using any of these filtering techniques)

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@woni Added idea of using a Trait in case it happens to fit your context (I assume not though!) – Ruben Bartelink Feb 18 '13 at 11:59

Adding a reason almost after one year after the initial question. I have a set of tests which are calling real server apis, and I would like to run then on demand. With nUnit, it has Ignore attribute : with that set, test runner will skip those tests, but I can still manually run it.

xUnit has no such feature. The nearest one is setting such a class level attribute, and comment it out when I want to run it.

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You could achieve this through a custom ITestClassCommand.


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