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I have a group of scoped resources.

scope '/:org_name', :as => 'organization' do
  resources :users

An organization has many users.

What I'd like is for my routes to look like this:


This currently works fine.

The problem is that I can change the 'organization-name' part to anything I'd like, and it does not affect anything. If I put any string in there, I am still authenticated as that user.

what am I missing?

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Until you actually do something with params[:org_name] in your controller/actions you cannot expect changing that part of the URL to do anything. –  deefour Feb 12 '13 at 20:01

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As Deefour mentioned you will need to do this manually. The problem you're explaining here is authorization not authentication, take a look at a gem like CanCan

To explain it with an example. You would have to ensure the user is a member of the given organization. This could look something like this(given you have an current_user which represents the logged in user):


class UsersController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :find_organization, :ensure_organization_membership, :only => :show

  def show
    @user = @organization.users.find(params[:id])

  def find_organization
    @organization = Organization.find_by_name(params[:org_name])

  def ensure_organization_membership
    # Make sure the current_user(Logged in user) is a member of the company before showing the user profile

And in the model

class Organization
  def member_of?(user)

Hope that helps.

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