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I would like to save all $_GET variables in a session variable and make them accessible trough $_GET again later on.

Some pseudo code / algoritm

page1.php send form with a field as <form action="page1.php" method="get"><input type="text" value="banan" name="apa">

page2.php save all $_GET variables

page3.php Set back all get-variables as in page2.php so the first variable is accessible trough $_GET['apa']

is this possible?

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Useful for prototyping to set the input dynamically when for example having a form running in steps when the data is relevant in complete steps/adding new fields simply. Of course this isn't solid for other than prototyping, and there is faster ways for wireframe mockup prototyping today. – Kilian Lindberg Jul 2 at 16:26

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Don't do this. But to save:




and to retrieve:




I think the real problem here is that you have a goal you want to accomplish and you think this is the right way of achieving that goal. It's not; there is most assuredly a better way of accomplishing the end result you want. But you have to tell us what that end result is supposed to be.

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It is possible, but I am not sure why one would want to do that. Why not just read the data from $_SESSION rather than $_GET so as to not confuse session data with data that is actually passed as parameter to the page you are on.

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