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I write my app using Google Calendar API. All is ok, but when i try upload repeated events to Google, I have error. I don't know, what is bad.


EventEntry newEvent = new EventEntry();
newEvent.Title.Text = "Event title";
When time = new When(new DateTime(2013, 02, 12, 15, 0, 0), new DateTime(2013, 02, 12, 17, 0, 0));
Where place = new Where();
place.ValueString = "World";
newEvent.Recurrence = new Recurrence();
newEvent.Recurrence.Value = "DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20130212T15000\r\n" +
                            "DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20130212T17000\r\n" +
service.Insert(query.Uri, newEvent);

In this, event should be repeated one per week in Tuesday. When I run this, I have error: "Execution of request failed" - but when I comment newEvent.Recurrence.Value..., all is ok, event is in Google Calendar but not repeated :(


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Similar problem solved: How to create "recurData" in Google Calendar?

So create a seperate recurrence

EventEntry myEntry = new EventEntry();
myEntry.Title.Text = "Hello recurring Event!";
// Set a location for the event.
Where eventLocation = new Where();
eventLocation.ValueString = "here and there";

// Any other event properties

// Recurring event:
String recurData =
  "DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20070501\r\n" +
  "DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20070502\r\n" +

Recurrence recurrence = new Recurrence();
recurrence.Value = recurData;
myEntry.Recurrence = recurrence;
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