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I am using an ItextSharp Stamper to load a templated PDF and want to add a bulleted list to a specific location in the PDF.

Fist is this possible? I have seen in mikesdotnetting blog how to create the list and it looks like what i need. However, I would like to position the list.

I realize there are a lot of articles and threads about ItextSharp out there, but have not found anything.


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So I found an answer to my question. What I did was:

        //Used to add Bulleted list to PDF
        PdfContentByte cb = stamper.GetOverContent(1);
        ColumnText ct = new ColumnText(cb);

        //Get the coordinates of a text field(PUTLISTHERE) to put the List into
        System.Collections.Generic.IList<AcroFields.FieldPosition> fieldsList = fields.GetFieldPositions("PutListHere");
        AcroFields.FieldPosition fieldPosition = fieldsList[0];

        //Set the coordinates for the list
                           fieldPosition.position.Top, 15, Element.ALIGN_LEFT);

        //create a new list
        it.List list = new it.List(it.List.UNORDERED, 8f);
        list.IndentationLeft = 45f;

        //add the terms to the list
        foreach (Terms_Proposals tp in csaProposal.Terms_Proposals)
            list.Add(new it.ListItem(tp.Term.TermDesc, FontFactory.GetFont("TIMES_ROMAN", 8)));

        //add the list

Hope this can help someone!

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