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I have an Extension Method as mentioned below.Is there a way were I can make it work in a generic way.For int?,decimal?,long?,double?.Or is there a limitation in the way 0(zero) is compared for different numeric data type?

public static bool IsNotNullAndGreaterThanZero(this decimal? value)
return (value ?? 0M) > 0M;
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Well, you could do this:

public static bool IsNotNullAndGreaterThanDefault<T>(this T? value)
    where T : struct, IComparable<T>
    return value != null && value.Value.CompareTo(default(T)) > 0;

That uses the fact that for most value types, the default value is the "natural zero".

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Awesome!!! Thanks Jon!! –  jigsmshah Feb 12 '13 at 20:45

You could use IConvertible to do this:

public static bool IsNotNullAndGreaterThanZero<T>(this T? value)
     where T : struct, IConvertible
    return value != null && value.ToDecimal() > 0M;

The basic value types such as int/long/double all implement IConvertible, which would allow this to work.

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