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I got a table that i'm quering to get the DeliveryDate but some of the records don't have DeliveryDate so VB considers that as 00:00:00.

How do I make an IF condition to check a date and see if it's 00:00:00? Because I want to set a variable to TRUE when the date is nothing(00:00:00).

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You mean if the time portion of the date is 0:0:0? – vcsjones Feb 12 '13 at 20:31
That's too late, this is a case of GIGO. Garbage-in, garbage-out. No way to tell the difference from a record that actually needed to be delivered at midnight. If you want to ignore that then you can use DateTime.TimeOfDay() – Hans Passant Feb 12 '13 at 20:35
apparently, I have found a solution, I will post it now – kfirba Feb 12 '13 at 20:36
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You can check if your Date equals the date part:

If DeliveryDate.Date = DeliveryDate Then ...

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Looks like you want to check if date was assigned to Nothing, in which case it would default to Date.MinValue. The quick and dirty approach would be to check:

If DeliveryDate = Date.MinValue Then

It will work fine for packages delivered at midnight, because you are unlikely to have any packages scheduled for delivery in year 1 BC.

The proper approach would be to have DeliveryDate of type Nullable(Of Date), so you can actually store Convert.DBNull (=Nothing) in there. In this case, the code becomes easier to read:

If DeliveryDate Is Nothing Then

Note that you could have used a similar line at the start (with DeliveryDate being of type Date):

If DeliveryDate = Nothing Then

However, you would rather avoid implicit conversion of Nothing to Date.MinValue, which would happen behind the scenes in this case, even though it appears to be just as readable, as with Is Nothing.

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I personally use New Date but it is a style choice - you can also use Nothing.

If DeliveryDate = New Date Then 


If DeliveryDate = Nothing Then
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