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I am trying to parse a (large) vector of scraped html, more specifically the , but some of the pages in the vector have two in them so the replacement ends up with more rows than the data. My question: how do I take only the first //h2 in every obs?

This is the code that I tried:

data$header = unlist(xpathSApply(htmlParse(data$html, asText=TRUE), '(//h2)[1]', xmlValue))

this gave me only the very first. This code gave me all h2s:

data$header = xpathApply(htmlParse(philly$html, asText=TRUE), '//descendant::h2[1]', xmlValue)

Any help is appreciated

sample with two:

<div id="tutors">

<div class="tutor">

<div class="tutor">

<div class="tutor">

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solved it by including the whole root path:

data$header = unlist(xpathApply(htmlParse(data$html, asText=TRUE), '/html/body/h2', xmlValue))
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