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I'm adding, an h1 tag to my document when a submit button is pressed, using jQuery. I want to interact with this h1 tag at a later time (with mouse clicks), so I need to add an event handler to it. However, it does not seem to be registering the clicks.

I've seen this question asked on SO before and they all say use .on(), which I have, but still no luck. I'm not receiving any errors either so don't know where to begin.

Here is the jsFiddle of a very simplified version of it all. Thanks.

$("h1").on("click", function(){
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@dystroy was a bit quicker, but here's a working fiddle: jsfiddle.net/fXVeW/1 –  Mario Feb 12 '13 at 20:39
That's perfect thanks –  Lars Feb 12 '13 at 20:40

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Use this :

$(document.body).on("click", "h1", function(){

The jquery set must contain, when you call on on it, the elements that will contain the h1. You might replace document.body with any element in which you're sure the h1 will be.

Side note :

Are you sure you don't want $(this).css("color","red"); instead of $("h1").css("color","red"); ? Using $(this) would change the color of the clicked h1 and not all h1.

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That doesn't appear in the documentation does it. I just re-read it. It talks about the number of listeners that get added using his method, but not saying it's wrong. Or am I reading this incorrectly. Shouldn't his method still work? –  Leeish Feb 12 '13 at 20:41
@Leeish No : what happens is that the receiver (which must be in the jquery set on which you call on) delegates the event by dynamically looking for elements verifying the selector given as argument (here "h1"). –  dystroy Feb 12 '13 at 20:44
Are you sure you don't want $(this).css("color","red") - That's a good suggestion thanks. –  Lars Feb 12 '13 at 20:49

try this


$(document.body).on("click", "h1", function(){


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