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I am using the nokogiri gem to parse an html table content in which I have a column with a list of names and some of those names are hyperlinked and some are not. When I use this code:

puts doc.xpath("//table//tr//td[1]/text()")

It skips the hyperlinked names. I can also get the hyperlinked names with this:

doc.xpath('//table//tr//td[1]//a[@href]').each do |link|
   puts link.text.strip

How can I get all names without having to do it twice?

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If you want all text in the cell, hyperlinked or not:

doc.xpath('//td[1]').each do |cell|
   puts cell.text.strip

Note: in a valid HTML document, a td will always be within a table and a tr. If you don't have any other selector requirements, you can simplify as above.

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Thank you. This is what I needed. – mpora Feb 12 '13 at 21:19

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