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I need to sort individual items in groups. The Listview api lets me to create sorted groups or sort whole list. I need to sort item in the respective groups.

Is it possible?

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Please provide code – Dom Feb 12 '13 at 20:52

It's possible. ObservableCollection doesn't provide a sorting option, and therefore you'll have to create a new collection that's sorted on a selected property. See sample code below. For other sorting options, read the blog post here and another stackoverflow thread.

// TODO: Create an appropriate data model for your problem domain to replace the sample data
var group = SampleDataSource.GetGroup((String)navigationParameter);
this.DefaultViewModel["Group"] = group;
//this.DefaultViewModel["Items"] = group.Items;

// Sort items by creating a new collection
ObservableCollection<SampleDataItem> grpSorted = new ObservableCollection<SampleDataItem>(
group.Items.OrderBy(grp => grp.Title));

this.DefaultViewModel["Items"] = grpSorted;
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This is C#, but according to the tags on the question, he is looking for a JavaScript / WinJS solution. – Scott Isaacs Feb 20 '13 at 17:53

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