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I have a custom security framwork based on annotations.I use the aspectj maven plugin to weave the aspect when it comes across the security annotation for the method.

I use jenkins to build the project and the aspectj maven plugin goals are set for compile as given below.

                <!-- <weaveDirectories> <weaveDirectory>${project.build.directory}/classes</weaveDirectory> 
                    </weaveDirectories> -->
                    <!-- Compile and weave aspects after all classes compiled by javac -->

The problem comes when the junit runs.Since it had already weaved the security related annotations in the methods,the unit test fails.

Is there a way where I can have the junits work and then do the aspectj weaving? Since I use a .aj file separately I am not sure how load time weaving can be set.

Any help on this is appreciated.


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You need to add test-compile to your goals, I think.

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I reorganised my maven goals into

clean compile test aspectj:compile

so after testing the aspectj weaving is done which is all I wanted.

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