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I am building a parallax based website and due to resolution I am giving different values to images according to the width of the screen or portrait orientation. Standard case is for any resolution, second case is for width less than 1136 px and the third one is for any device in portrait orientation.


$("#home .pximage1").parallax("50%", 966, 3.0, true);
$(".portrait").parallax("50%", 500, -1.0, true);
$("#home .pximage3").parallax("50%", 4000, 0.1, true);
$("#home .pximage4").parallax("50%", 2440, 0.2, true);
$("#home .pximage5").parallax("50%", 1255, 0.8, true);
$("#home .pximage6").parallax("50%", 1020, 2.0, true);
$("#home .pximage7").parallax("50%", 987, 2.5, true);
$("#home .pximage8").parallax("50%", 1020, 2.0, true);

if (screen.width<=1136)
$("#home .pximage1").parallax("50%", 3300, 0.1, true);
$("#home .pximage3").parallax("50%", 3300, 0.1, true); 
$("#home .pximage4").parallax("50%", 2000, 0.2, true);
$("#home .pximage5").parallax("50%", 1027, 0.8, true);
$("#home .pximage6").parallax("50%", 830, 2.0, true);
$("#home .pximage7").parallax("50%", 804, 2.5, true);
$("#home .pximage8").parallax("50%", 830, 2.0, true);

 else if (screen.orientation = portrait)
$("#home .pximage1").parallax("50%", 3700, 0.1, true);
$("#home .pximage3").parallax("50%", 3700, 0.1, true); 
$("#home .pximage4").parallax("50%", 2495, 0.2, true);
$("#home .pximage5").parallax("50%", 1600, 0.8, true);
$("#home .pximage6").parallax("50%", 1420, 2.0, true);
$("#home .pximage7").parallax("50%", 1398, 2.5, true);
$("#home .pximage8").parallax("50%", 1421, 2.0, true);


The problem is that in landscape it works perfectly but when device is in portrait it takes the values of the width 1136 instead of portrait. My guess that in that case both conditions are true: device is in portrait and width is less than 1136.

How should I fix this?

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(screen.orientation = portrait) should be (screen.orientation == portrait) Have you tried to log the screen object? console.log(screen) – TryingToImprove Feb 12 '13 at 21:54
== equal signs doesn't fix it. Yes, it should be that way, but it doesn't really fix the problem. I am not really sure how do i use debug on an iPad. – maxgly Feb 12 '13 at 22:36
It should work. Instead of using console, then just try alert(screen.width + " : " + screen.orientation) to see if there is any data. The code outside the if-statements is called, right? – TryingToImprove Feb 13 '13 at 7:42
Thank you for your help! This alert returns: "320:undefined" on my iphone and I believe that is not what it should return. The values from this script are just being used in the other script running the parallax. Any ideas what is the problem? – maxgly Feb 13 '13 at 20:50
@TryingToImprove , If I remove the screen.width<=1136 part from the code then portrait version works perfectly. Hope that helps! – maxgly Feb 13 '13 at 20:58

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