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Due to a large amount of filter terms (permissions system in the 1000s) I have to use Elastic_Query_Filtered which is fine and I can even set limits for pagination using

$elasticaType->search($elasticaQueryString, $options);

It all works quite well until I introduce the sort option. Here's what I have so far:

$options = array('from'=>$from, 'size'=>$to, 'sort'=>array("description" => array("order" => "asc")));
$elasticaResultSet = $elasticaType->search($elasticaQueryString, $options);

Am I doing something stupid or is sorting just not supported yet. Is there an alternative. Using a bool filter was making things hit the max_clause_count.

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Did you found the solution to this problem? \Elastica\Query\Filtered does not seam to have setSort() method, like regular query does. – Ilija Sep 12 '14 at 14:12

I used this to search on single query string, with limit and sorting

$client = new Elastica_Client(array('host' => '','port' => '9200'));

$elasticaQueryString =new Elastica_Query_QueryString();
$elasticaQueryString->setQuery('100009'); // set value for where condition
$elasticaQueryString->setFields(array('increment_id','entity_id','billing_name'));  // set where fields

$elasticaQuery = new Elastica_Query();
$elasticaQuery->setQuery($elasticaQueryString);  // set query string
$elasticaQuery->setFields(array('increment_id','entity_id','billing_name','created_at'));   // set output fields

$elasticaQuery->setFrom(0); //set from point   
$elasticaQuery->setLimit(20);  //limit the record   
$sort = array("entity_id" => array("order" => "asc"));  //order by clause

$elasticaQuery->setSort($sort);  //set Sorting

echo "<br />".json_encode($elasticaQuery->toArray())."<br />";  //print the query

$search = new Elastica_Search($client); // Create the search object and inject the client
$resultSet = $search->addIndex('sales')->addType('order')->search($elasticaQuery);  // Configure and execute the search

echo "<br /><strong>Total Results Found : ".$totalResults= $resultSet->getTotalHits()."</strong><br />";            //get total result found

$data=$resultSet->getResults(); //extract the result


foreach ($data as $data1) 

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