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The purpose of this piece of code is to take in a string and print it out in a specific format. For instance, given:

s = "Hello"

The program should print out:

| H | e | l | l | o |

If the size of the string is greater than the column size of the console, it's then supposed to print out the string in this format:

| H | e | l | l | o |
| H | e | l | l | o |
| H | e | l | l | o |
| H | e | l | l | o |

Unfortunately, the second condition doesn't work and I can't seem to figure out why.

Here's my code:

import os

s = "Hello"*20
(consoleRows,consoleCol)=os.popen('stty size','r').read().split()
top = outer = "+---"*len(s)+'+'+'\n'
for i in range(len(s)):
    outer += "| "+s[i]+" "

outer += '|\n'
outer += top[:len(top)-1]

split = outer.split('\n')
if(len(split[0]) > consoleCol): #problem lies on this line. Even though the size of  
    outer = outer.split('\n') #split[0] is greater than consoleCol the if statement  
    beg = 0   #isn't entered.                                                        
    size = consoleCol
    while(size < len(outer[0])):
        beg = size
        size += size

Can anyone see what my problem is? I printed out the size of outer[0] and of consoleCol. len(output[0]) is greater than consoleCol.

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You may want to replace the call to os.popen() with one to os.get_terminal_size() – t-8ch Feb 12 '13 at 21:53
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Bug in the code: consoleCol is a string, not an integer.

Replace (consoleRows,consoleCol)=os.popen('stty size','r').read().split() with (consoleRows,consoleCol)=map(int, os.popen('stty size','r').read().split())

This still doesn't produce the desired result - you'll have to figure the rest out yourself and maybe clean up the code in the process.

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First of all, I'm no python guy. That said, I would recommend to separate the logic from your layout. Create methods drawHorizontalLine, drawContentLine(Char[5]) and Char[5][] splitContent(String). Afterwards debugging should be easy.

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