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HI everyone first of all thank you for visiting my question

I am working with a new IDS, OSSIM, It's database requires a host's: Name, CIDR, and Description in a .csv format for uploading through a web UI.

Version 4.x.x: "Netname";"CIDRs(CIDR1,CIDR2,... )";"Description";"Asset value"*;"Net ID"

Currently I have the full list of hosts in a .txt file like so,


If anyone has any Idea how to get the IP range converted into CIDR notation then the file into a .csv format I would greatly appreciate it.

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For CIDR1 and CIDR2 in their binary representation, compare CIDR1 and CIDR2 bit-by-bit and set a bit in the target netmask until the bits stopped matching.


CIDR1   =   = 11000000101010000111111100000000
CIDR2   =  = 11000000101010000111111100100000
Netmask = = 11111111111111111111111111000000


In order to automate this, as per your comment, you ought to use a language that has easy access to IP functions, e.g. php has ip2long function.ip2long as well as CSV handling functions fgetcsv function.fgetcsv

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I'm sorry I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I do, know how to convert IP ranges into CIDR notation manually. What I am in need of assistance with is some scripting to do this in bulk, as the actual .txt file has much much more that 2 lines, but thank you for your contribution. It may help future googlers – user2066157 Feb 12 '13 at 21:44

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