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Doing some research with regards to application framework used on the SUT am going to LoadTest using Loadrunner I fond the application is developed using wickets.

I have generated script using web http/html protocol against a wicket application and there was some calls recorded in the following format,script is failing at this URL when i ran the script in VUGen.

http://somem/nnnweb/main/ ? wicket:interface= :1:someSearchForm :someSearchForm :searchInfo: :IActi vePageBehaviorListener :0:&wicket: ignoreIfNotActiv e=true&random= 0.038901654740178815",

I find out like when i generate the script which has just views( viewing tabs) is working fine, but when i edit somefileds and submit the script is generating the above calls ( http://xxx...) and failing

This guy has explained just the same issue here:


I hope it is ok to refer other sites in Stackoverflow?

General question. Does loadrunner support testing of wicket application and is TruClient the best choice here? I actually got it to work with TruClient, but as I understand there are drawbacks with memory footprint using TruClient, but maybe it is time to move on to next generation protocol given my project has decided to use wicket framework?

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Using URL-recording mode and correlting a value made this work. Is it because URL-recording mode requests the server (and probably triggers some JavaScript I have behind a button) for each element being clicked? –  Magnus Jensen Feb 18 '13 at 17:58
You should answer your own question and then select your answer as the correct one. –  Gaz Davidson Mar 14 '13 at 5:02

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