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In my Dev environment, everything runs flawlessly. But, after deployment to Heroku, I can't log in. After filling out both the Sign in & Sign Up forms, I am redirected to the Root URL, but the UnAuthenticated page is shown and I do not have access to any of the Authenticated Routes.

A few notes:

  • After Signing Up, a User record is created in the db
  • After Signing IN, a Sign in Count is added in the db
  • I am 100% confident the db is setup & migrated correctly (haven done this many times)
  • Their are no errors in heroku logs. It appears that I am simply redirected when trying to access Authenticated routes.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Getting desperate with this one :\

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My problem was in my session_store.rb file. I had changed it to accomodate for subdomains, yet the :domain => was set to my local dev environment url (lvh.me). I changed it to :all, and the app now works as it should.

Good luck!

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