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I'm looking for a Perl based CMS which would have:

  • A template file to edit site layout. The template would have some keywords to add:
    • site title
    • site navigation (a vertical tree-view list of sections with selected current page)
  • A style-sheet file to edit the style
  • Optionally a non-daemon back-end (SQLite or flat file)
  • nginx support
  • integrated types of pages: page, contact form, (optionally bug tracker)

I looked at WebGUI, but it requires MySql and Apache, relying on some of its modules; it also has a extessive GUI while I only need page edit, template edit, and CSS edit tools, and a settings panel.

Searched at http://www.cmsmatrix.org/matrix/cms-matrix?func=search for Perl language + Open-source license, but I didn't come up with anything conclusive.

I like http://www.cmsimple.org/archives/cmsimple_old/?CMSimple:Awards but it's not in Perl.

I looked at:

  • Lightweight Perl CMS:
    • Sub-thread here suggests that Galileo doesn't have TOS/Navigation feature for me to put in sidebar.
    • I didn't find a navigation-in-sidebar feature for Contenticious.
  • Suggestions on Perl CMS - has a few suggestions.
    • Bricolage relies on Apache modules.
    • Krang looks good, but requires mysql.
    • Big Medium is not free.
    • cyclone3 uses an XUL admin interface, but I think it must be web-based.
    • WebAPP is not maintained that I can see. I don't like CGI (AFAIK this means the entire app is compiled for every user visit; it's slow). I didn't even find an Install or Requirements page.
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As the author of Galileo, I hope that eventually it will be a full-featured CMS capable of most of your needs. In fact many of your reasons were why I started the project: there is no obvious Perl CMS! Sadly, as I develop it in my free-time and don't have much of that, its taking some time. – Joel Berger Mar 20 '13 at 12:40

It seems exactly this question was raised on Perl Monks only recently, so that could be a good place to start:


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Updated question: I already visited that page while doing my search. – user649198 Feb 13 '13 at 2:01

Don't know if it will cover everything that you need, but i think that Galileo could be a good option.

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Updated question. I already saw this option. – user649198 Feb 13 '13 at 2:00

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