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In MAXL, I can implement like this to add a pointermoved event for a TextBlock:

<TextBlock Text="Drag and Drop" 

Then I just need to implement the function to finish the work of pointermoved:

TextBlock_PointerMoved(Platform::Object^ sender, Windows::UI::Xaml::Input::PointerRoutedEventArgs^ e);

But Now, I need to do this in code area using C++, I will new a textblock, and create everything in code. For example:

TextBlock^ my_textblock = ref new TextBlock();
my_textblock->SetValue(TextBlock::TextProperty, "My Text Block");
my_textblock->SetValue(TextBlock::WidthProperty, 100);

What should I do to connect the pointermoved event function with the widget? Hopefully like this:

my_textblock->SetValue(TextBlock::PointerMovedEvent, myPointerMovedFunction);

but it does not work. Thank you very much.

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I have found the method like this:

panelitem->PointerMoved += ref new PointerEventHandler(this, &MainPage::StackPanel_PointerMoved_A);

StackPanel_PointerMoved_A is your PointerEventHandler function.

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