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Lets Start

devices = new SmartLink.Collections.DeviceMap
view = new SmartLink.Views.DeviceMap({collection: devices})

My Collection

parse: function (response) {
    return response.sites;

My View

initialize: function (options) {

addAll: function() {

addOne: function(site) {

Whats happening? Console

  1. When parse, it prints out the response as you can see from the array of objects
  2. starts addAll
  3. then addOne them individually

My Question

When I loop through each item, where is all my attributes for each item in the array?. The only thing I see is the id's. If I try console.log(site.name), it says undefined.

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Use site.get('name') to get the name attribute. You have to use the function get to get attributes from your models.

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