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Using Jenkins 1.501 and Jenkins Git plugin 1.1.26

I have 3 different git repos each with multiple projects.

Now I need to checkout all projects from the 3 git repos into the same workspace on a Jenkins slave. I have defined each git repo in: Source code Management: Multiple SCMs. But each time a repo is checked out the previous repo (and its associated projects) is deleted.

I have read this:


but its does not really help. I have tried to specify the same folder under Local subdirectory for repo (optional) for all repos but it gives the same result.

If this is simply impossible using Jenkins I guess some pre-build step/scripting could be used to move the projects into the right location. Its not an option to modify the build configuration of the projects.

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Checking out more than one repo at a time in a single workspace is not possible with Jenkins + Git Plugin.

As a workaround, you can either have multiple upstream jobs which checkout a single repo each and then copy to your final project workspace (Problematic on a number of levels), or you can set up a shell scripting step which checks out each needed repo to the job workspace at build time.

I would definitely recommend the latter approach as you won't have to worry if the workspace location changes (You can use the $WORKSPACE environment variable).

EDIT: This answer is out of date, and no longer reflects best practices. Please see the answers below regarding the Multiple SCM's plugin.

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Why is the first approach problematic? Splitting up jobs seems like good practice. –  CurtainDog Aug 2 '13 at 5:40
It is a good practice in general, but when you need multiple checkouts in the same physical location maintenance becomes a huge concern. For instance, if you wanted to create a branch build, you would have to clone 4 jobs and then individually change the paths for each one. There are of course plugins to help with this, but it's easier to just checkout to a relative path from a single job. Then you can clone as much as you want without changing settings. –  CIGuy Aug 2 '13 at 6:04
This would also be a problem if you wanted to run builds in parallel as the workspace would not be in a fixed location. –  CIGuy Aug 2 '13 at 6:06

With the Multiple SCMs Plugin:

  • create a different repository entry for each repository you need to checkout (main project or dependancy project.

  • for each project, in the "advanced" menu (the second "advanced" menu, there are two buttons labeled "advanced" for each repository), find the "Local subdirectory for repo (optional)" textfield. You can specify there the subdirectory in the "workspace" directory where you want to copy the project to. You could map the filesystem of my development computer.

The "second advanced menu" doesn't exist anymore, instead what needs to be done is use the "Add" button (on the "Additional Behaviours" section), and choose "Check out to a sub-directory"

  • if you are using ant, as now the build.xml file with the build targets in not in the root directory of the workspace but in a subdirectory, you have to reflect that in the "Invoke Ant" configuration. To do that, in "Invoke ant", press "Advanced" and fill the "Build file" input text, including the name of the subdirectory where the build.xml is located.

Hope that helps.

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This must be outdated. At the time of writing Multiple SCMs plugin GIT snippet does not contain the optional sub-path. –  AlexeiOst Oct 29 '14 at 22:20
In each repository there is a drop down list called "Add". In it you can find the option "Checkout to a sub-directory", which performs the same. –  Gary Ye Nov 27 '14 at 19:10

I used the Multiple SCMs Plugin in conjunction with the Git Plugin successfully with Jenkins.

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We are using git-repo to manage our multiple GIT repositories. There is also a Jenkins Repo plugin that allows to checkout all or part of the repositories managed by git-repo to the same Jenkins job workspace.

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