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This is my response to a get request for some json goodness. I'm getting this in Python, everything works up to here. I've been searching for json documentation and reading quite a bit but can't seam to find my answer.

How would I get all the email addresses?

{u'-InFSLzYdyg-OcTosYYs': {u'email': u'hello@gmail.com', u'time': 1360707022892}, u'-    InFYJya4K6tZa8YSzme': {u'email': u'me@gmail.com', u'time': 1360708587511}}

What I'd want is a list like so:

email = ['hello@gmail.com', 'me@gmail.com']

Thanks in advance.

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Like wRAR said, once you have it as a python dict, it should be as simple as:

[x['email'] for x in l.itervalues()]
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Assuming you're converted you JSON string to a python dict (see loads()):

>>> from json import loads
>>> myJSON = loads(somejsonstring)
>>> emails = [a[x]['email'] for x in a]
>>> emails
['hello@gmail.com', 'me@gmail.com']

Or even better, use itervalues() as Luke mentioned.

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Just do json.loads and process the resulting dict as usual. There is nothing JSON-specific here.

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