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Has anyone been able to get an extension up and running Expression Blend + Sketchflow preview? I'm looking for an example project.

I was following this article, but it is a bit outdated.

So far I:

  • Created a .Net 4.5 class library project
  • Added a reference to the Microsoft.Expression.Extensibility.dll in the new Blend Preview directory
  • Set my project to deploy to the appropriate Addins directory
  • Setup Visual Studio to run the new Blend.exe for debugging
  • Hooked up MEF and inherited IPlugin as in the example

But my plugin doesn't seem to load and no breakpoints are hit.

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After reading your question I decided to start working on a new version of that tutorial.

A few things to get you started right away.

I've created the basic plugin like this:

using System.ComponentModel.Composition;
using Microsoft.Expression.Extensibility;

namespace Demo.Extension
    [Export(typeof (IPackage))]
    public class Demo : IPackage
        public void Load(IServices services)

        public void Unload()

Make sure you:

  • place the plugins in ...\Blend Preview\extensions
  • run visual studio as administrator to be able to deploy to that folder during debug
  • implement the IPackage instead of IPlugin
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I think my real problem was that I was putting my DLL in the "Addins" folder because that folder already existed. I just set Visual Studio to deploy to "Extensions" and everything started working. –  jonathanpeppers Feb 14 '13 at 4:19

Got it working by following the demo here.

I used the few modifications above, and put things in the Blend Preview directory.

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