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I have a model w/ a virtual attribute:

class Campaign < ActiveRecord::Base  
  def status
     if deactivated
       return "paused"
       return "live"

now, in my view, when I access the attribute with campaign.status, I am getting the proper result. However, when I try to access it like this campaign[:status], I get nothing back.

Why is that?

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[:status] uses the [] method in Ruby. 'def status' defines a method which shouldn't be mistaken with an ActiveRecord attribute or an virtual attribute (e.g. attr_reader or attr_accessor). ActiveRecord adds the [] method to your class and makes all the (database) attributes accessible by object[:attr_name] AND object.attr_name(And even object.attributes[:attr_name]).

This is different from how f.e. Javascript works where obj[:method] is virtually the same as obj.method.

Edit: You should be able to use the attr_accessor if you use them for example in any form:

<%= form.input :status %>

Submitting the form will then set the instance variable @status. If you want to do anything with this before or after saving you can call an before_save or after_save hook:

class Campaign < ActiveRecord::Base  
  attr_accessible :status
  attr_accessor :status
  before_save :raise_status

  def raise_status
    raise @status

This will throw an error with the value submitted value for status.

Hope this helps.

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how would i get the virtual attribute to work then? i've tried adding the line: attr_accessor :status which didnt seem to help – user210881 Feb 12 '13 at 23:37
Edited my reply. – Novae Feb 12 '13 at 23:52

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