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I would like to customize securesocial views. I can't find how to specify the action URL for my forms.

When I try :

<form action="@routes.securesocial.controllers.Registration.handleSignUp(token)"
      class="form-horizontal" autocomplete="off" method="POST">

In the route file I configure the route :

POST    /signup/:token     securesocial.controllers.Registration.handleSignUp(token)

I have the error :

value securesocial is not a member of object controllers.routes

I don't find any samples.

How can I configure my form action? Thanks for any advice.

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Given the SecureSocial project views, you should use


in your own view.

I haven't tried but at least the project is successfully compiled.

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When I try to replace @routes.securesocial.controllers.Registration.handleSignUp(token) with @securesocial.core.providers.utils.RoutesHelper.handleSignUp(token), there is the following error : object core is not a member of package controllers.securesocial – lhuet Feb 25 '13 at 17:28
@securesocial.core.providers.utils.RoutesHelper.handleSignUp(token).absoluteURL‌​(securesocial.core.IdentityProvider.sslEnabled) works fine with my project and is confirmed by the official doc Have you checked your project's configuration and dependencies? – teemoo Mar 1 '13 at 10:58

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