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I have a MonoMac application that I wish to print from. Currently I have the following code:

private void PrintText(text)
    NSTextView nsTextView = new NSTextView();
    nsTextView.Font = NSFont.LabelFontOfSize(12);
    nsTextView.TextColor = NSColor.Black;
    nsTextView.TextStorage.Append(new NSAttributedString(text));

    NSPrintOperation nsPrintOperation = GetPrintOperation(nsTextView); // Creates a NSPrintOperation and NSPrintInfo as well as set my default settings
    nsTextView.Bounds.Width = nsPrintOperation.PrintInfo.PaperSize.Width;
    nsTextView.Bounds.Height = float.MaxValue;

Sadly while I do get a print dialog it will print a blank page. Any ideas what I'm going wrong?

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You might be able to find an answer here:… – hvanbrug Jan 26 '14 at 22:40

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