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I have a script that does a bunch of calculations on IPV4 and IPV6 address's in their hex form

for example "" would be


This binary handle is hardcoded in my script. But now I want to generate this on the fly

I'm using "sprintf("x%02x", $value) for hex values, but how would I generate the binary handle as above?

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You don't want hex (a string representation of a number).

my $hex = '46020304';

You want the number as a four byte machine integer.

my $uint32 = "\x46\x02\x03\x04";

You can achieve this using

my $packed = pack('C4', split /\./, '');

and with

use Socket qw( inet_aton );
my $packed = inet_aton('');
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Thank you, this is very helpful, not to mention the same function can be used for IPV6 generation as well! – user2066671 Feb 13 '13 at 0:48

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