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In developing some of my Web Applications I use debug("stuff here"); to help me figure out whats going on. I'd rather not have to go in and find all of my debug(*); lines and remove them. Is there a way I can specify at the application level not to display debug messages in a FeedBackPanel?

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You could add an ErrorLevelFeedbackMessageFilter to your FeedbackPanels (there is a constructor accepting one). If you create the filter based on your deployment mode, this should be what you need.

In Detail:

Change your new FeedbackPanel("id") to new FeedbackPanel("id", Application.getFeedbackMessageFilter()) and implement this method as

public IFeedbackMessageFilter getFeedbackMessageFilter() {
    IFeedbackMessageFilter filter = null;
    if (RuntimeConfigurationType.DEVELOPMENT.equals(getConfigurationType())) {
        filter = new ErrorLevelFeedbackMessageFilter(FeedbackMessage.DEBUG);
    } else {
        filter = new ErrorLevelFeedbackMessageFilter(FeedbackMessage.ERROR);
    return filter;
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I was hoping for something Application wide so I wouldn't have to edit every FeedBackPanel but I had a feeling that was going to be the answer. Thanks. –  Raystorm Feb 13 '13 at 19:16

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