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I have a client/server socket that does some rpc things. I know a bit about finagle and I find the isolation with a Future very elegant. So my question would be how to write a Future in scala that wait for an event (the server reply of my client request). The implementation would probably use identified request but what I lack is the way to ask the future to wait for the event without a busy wait.

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Create a Promise instead of Future and add a listener to your event which fulfills the promise. Return the promise's future to your client (in Twitter Util future library it's the promise itself, in Scala 2.10 it's p.future).

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For this purpose you need to take a look at Akka Actors

Here is example of an actor

class MyActor extends Actor {
   val log = Logging(context.system, this)
   def receive = {
      case "test" ⇒"received test")
      case _      ⇒"received unknown message")
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