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I'm trying to implement a function that will take a list of parsers and tries them one by one until one suceeds. If no parser in the list succeeds then the overall parser fails. Here is my attempt:

    fun oneOf [] = NONE
      | oneOf (p::ps) = fn inp => case parse p inp of
              NONE => oneOf ps
            | SOME (v,out) => SOME (v,out)

I am getting many operator/operand do not agree errors. Any hints on where I am going wrong?

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I think you made a mistake in the first case, which should yield a function, too. Furthermore, you need to pass on inp in the recursive call. That is:

fun oneOf [] = fn inp => NONE
  | oneOf (p::ps) = fn inp => case parse p inp of
          NONE => oneOf ps inp
        | SOME (v,out) => SOME (v,out)

Or shorter:

fun oneOf [] inp = NONE
  | oneOf (p::ps) inp =
    case parse p inp of
        NONE => oneOf ps inp
      | some => some
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Your types don't match. With oneOf [], you return NONE, which is an option type. With oneOf (p::ps) you instead return an anonymous function that returns an option. Presumably, you'll want to apply that anonymous function to something.

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