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I'm using AtmosphereFramework's WebSockets, i've got a class annotated like this:

@WebSocketHandlerService(path = "/gts")
public class GameSocket extends WebSocketHandlerAdapter {

@Override void onOpen(WebSocket webSocket) {...}
@Override void onTextMessage(WebSocket webSocket, String message) throws IOException {...}

And i'd like to know if all calls (onOpen, onTextMessage, ...) from a SINGLE socket connection are guaranteed to use one and only one instance of GameSocket.

Else, i'm searching a way to keep user sessions into this JavaEE/Glassfish/EJB3 Websocket only environment.

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(1) Yes, only one instance (2) There are some known issue with Session and GlassFish. Try it and if you see some issue, just comes to the mailing list and I will describe how you can use the AtmosphereConfig.properties() to store state.


-- Jeanfrancois (Atmosphere's creator)

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