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I have HAML installed with Rails. I'm trying to extend the functionality of it by making snippet-templates. For example I have this general image structure:

- @images.each do |image|
    %a{ :href => }
      = image_tag image.url
    %a{ :href => edit_image_path(image) }

or at least something to that effect. What I would like to do is clean it up so that I can say:

- @images.each do |image|
  = render 'snippet/image' image

How can I accomplish this semantically? Obviously, I could declare a variable in my snippet and assign it before rendering, but that seems super-lazy. Is there an example I could see that shows both the snippet and how it's rendered?

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render can take a :collection option, like so:

= render :partial => "image", :collection => @images

See section 3.4.5 Rendering Collections in the Layouts and Rendering in Rails guide, which says:

the partial will be inserted once for each member in the collection ... the partial [will] have access to the member of the collection ... via a variable named after the partial

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I forgot about that! Much better solution than mine. – Ylan S Feb 13 '13 at 1:32
@YlanS - Thanks! – Jared Beck Feb 13 '13 at 1:34

You can do this:

- @images.each do |image|
  render :partial => 'snippet/image', :locals => { :image => image }

It's semantic alright, although a bit verbose.

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