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I'm studying Matlab programming and C++ both and I'd like to know whether there is similar functions(codes) to NEWPNN and WPD (these functions are in the Matlab) in the C++. Let me explain those functions if you don't know about that. NEWPNN is to figure out which one of initial input data is the most likey similar to extra data that will be input after initial data is input.
WPD is to figure out what kind of characteristic input data have and then the result shows us the characteristic in common. Data could be all of these: graph, function, or code. I'm not sure if that meaning is clearly delivered to you. So, here's website to check what the newpnn is and what the wpd is.


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Everything you need can be found in the following two SO questions:

Neural networks: Modern C++ style neural network libraries?

Wavelets: Looking for a good C/C++ wavelet library for signal processing

So no, there is no built-in command in C++ to do these things, you need to use libraries just like you need an extra package in MATLAB.

The C++ libraries are likely to have a steeper learning curve than the MATLAB packages, so you should only really switch if you are hitting some limitations of the MATLAB ecosystem that you cannot work around.

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