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I looked at this question: Convert a 1d array index to a 3d array index? but my result differs when I test it no matter how I calculate the index in the first place.

I am using the following to convert 3d (x,y,z) in dimensions (WIDTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH) to 1d:


Then to convert back from index i to (x,y,z):


When I test this between both methods I get the wrong results. Is there something obviously wrong with my method? What is the correct explanation?

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here's a javascript version that works with these values:

WIDTH = 10;
HEIGHT = 20;

x = 2;
y = 4;
z = 5;

=> i = 1042


i = x + WIDTH * (y + HEIGHT * z);

z = Math.round(i / (WIDTH * HEIGHT));
y = Math.round((i - z * WIDTH * HEIGHT) / WIDTH);
x = i - WIDTH * (y + HEIGHT * z);
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Nice, I see that is better than using '%' and it is clearer to use the calculated values. Thank you! –  AAB Feb 13 '13 at 2:12

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