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I'm the beginner of WP8, and I follow the above tutorial to create a mobile service that I can insert/update/delete/query the tables in the cloud.

My question is, in the Query function (RefreshToDoItem):

private void RefreshTodoItems()
    // This query filters out completed TodoItems. 
    items = todoTable
       .Where(todoItem => todoItem.Complete == false)

ListItems.ItemsSource = items;            


The "items" is a MobileServiceCollectionView object which can be used as a data source to display in a container.

But how can I retrive one of these result - I mean the data of a specific "field / column" that I can used for other purposes ??

Thanks a lot!

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You can use the other methods of the query object, such as ToListAsync or ToEnumerableAsync, and get the data from there:

// This query filters out completed TodoItems. 
items = await todoTable
   .Where(todoItem => todoItem.Complete == false)
var firstItem = items.First();
var text = firstItem.Text;
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